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New for 2024, now offering Turkey Hunts!

While it has always been apart of Kentucky Bucks and Beards, we have only had friends and family join us for the fun each turkey season. We have large flocks of turkeys with a few hens with beards. Your pursuit of these turkeys can be in the hollows of the timber or out in the open agriculture fields. We are looking forward to meeting new turkey hunters and making new friends along the way. We hope everyone has a successful turkey hunting season! 

High population areas
2 Birds, 3 Day hunts Available
DIY Turkey Hunting in Northern Kentucky

Spring Turkey Hunts

3 days, 2 turkeys
$ 1300
  • 3 days, 2 nights lodging
  • DIY Turkey Hunt
  • Access to over 5,000 Acres of Prime Turkey Hunting

Welcome to Kentucky Bucks and Beards, nestled in the heart of Northeastern Kentucky along the picturesque Ohio River. Our expansive hunting grounds span over 3,000 acres of private farmland, providing a prime location for a variety of hunting experiences.



4339 Hwy 10
Dover, KY 41034

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