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Over 3,000 private acres on prime whitetail hunting farms across North Eastern Kentucky!

Welcome to Kentucky Bucks and Beards. We are located in Northeastern Kentucky along the Ohio River and have over 3,000 acres of private farmland for you to hunt. We offer turkey hunts, velvet hunts, muzzle loader hunts, and bow and rifle deer hunting on some of the most beautiful and whitetail rich farms in the bluegrass state.

Our 3,000 acres of available hunting land is divided between many smaller farms, ranging between 160 to 600 acres. The corn, alfalfa, soybeans that we grow on these farms, addition to food plots, act as a magnet to the whitetail deer in this area. They travel from miles around for the rich resources we offer. During harvest, we leave some of the grain in the fields standing to attract and hold wildlife year around. 

High Quality Whitetail Hunting
Kentucky Velvet Buck Opportunities
Family Owned & Operated

Welcome to Kentucky Bucks and Beards, nestled in the heart of Northeastern Kentucky along the picturesque Ohio River. Our expansive hunting grounds span over 3,000 acres of private farmland, providing a prime location for a variety of hunting experiences.



4339 Hwy 10
Dover, KY 41034

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