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Discover the thrill of turkey hunts, velvet hunts, muzzle loader hunts, and bow and rifle deer hunting on some of the most stunning and whitetail-abundant farms in the Bluegrass State.

Our 3,000 acres of prime hunting terrain are strategically distributed across numerous smaller farms, ranging from 160 to 600 acres each. The crops of corn, alfalfa, and soybeans cultivated on these farms, coupled with thoughtfully designed food plots, serve as a compelling draw for whitetail deer in the region. The lush resources attract deer from miles around, creating an ideal environment for successful hunts.

Welcome to an unparalleled hunting experience at Kentucky Bucks and Beards.

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Kentucky Whitetail Hunts

Step into the realm of Kentucky Bucks and Beards, situated in the heart of Northeastern Kentucky along the scenic Ohio River. Explore our vast 3,000 acres of private farmland, offering an array of hunting opportunities that include turkey, velvet, muzzle loader, and both bow and rifle deer hunting. Our meticulously chosen locations showcase some of the most picturesque and whitetail-rich farms in the enchanting Bluegrass State.

The expansive 3,000 acres are thoughtfully divided among numerous smaller farms, ranging in size from 160 to 600 acres each. On these farms, the cultivation of corn, alfalfa, and soybeans, along with strategically placed food plots, acts as a magnetic force for whitetail deer in the area. Deer travel from miles around, drawn by the abundance of rich resources we provide. During harvest, we leave a portion of the grain standing in the fields, creating a year-round allure that attracts and sustains wildlife.
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Welcome to Kentucky Bucks and Beards, nestled in the heart of Northeastern Kentucky along the picturesque Ohio River. Our expansive hunting grounds span over 3,000 acres of private farmland, providing a prime location for a variety of hunting experiences.



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